Monday, December 31, 2007

About Steve Cone

With more than thirty-five years at the top of the profession, Steve Cone, chief marketing officer for Epsilon, a leading provider of data-driven marketing technologies, has led campaigns for many companies including Citigroup, American Express, Fidelity, Apple, and United Airlines, as well as environmental groups, and presidential campaigns for both major parties. He is also the author of Steal These Ideas.

Of Cone, the Chicago Sun Times says, “Like most marketing executives whose opinions we respect, Cone is both cogent and blunt.” The Wall Street Journal says, Cone “doesn’t merely offer advice but unabashedly tells us what to do. He gets away with this less because of his advertising pedigree than because of the logic of the case he makes.”

Cone lives in New York City.


Anonymous said...

The review by Wayne Ziebarth on Amazon is complete hogwash. Steve takes no side politically in explaining the use and misuse of slogans and taglines throughout history.

John Crutcher said...

"You won't win a Nobel Prize for Literature for writing a memorable slogan. But you will earn a well-deserved place in marketing history, according to this engaging teaching guide/love letter to words that 'sell brands, grip fans & sometimes change history.'"

John Crutcher said...

The quote above is from Time magazine and

Anonymous said...

The Additional Chapter file links do not work!! Please update them!!